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Learn the 7 Essential Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding Abroad the RIGHT WAY!

Have you just started Planning Your Destination Wedding and.... 

  • you're feeling overwhelmed by the array of choices available...

  • you're confused about where to start...

  • you're not sure on the best way to plan...

  • you're not sure how much a wedding abroad costs...

  • you're not sure who to trust, how can you tell if a vendor is trustworthy and reliable...

  • you're not sure how the legal process works and if you can even get legally married abroad...

  • you're not sure if what you want is even possible...


I understand... I've been there myself!

That’s why I created the Wedding Abroad Planning Party.

When you're planning a wedding abroad it's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices and conflicting information. Who knew there was so much to consider, so many options available. It's hard to know if what you're doing is right and equally difficult to know who to trust.


Wedding Abroad Planning Party

When you have the RIGHT TOOLS, INFORMATION & SYSTEMS in place, your entire wedding planning experience changes.

What's Included... 

Wedding Abroad Planning Party

Expert Speakers

Recorded Videos from Wedding Abroad Professionals from around the world.

Guides & Checklists

Detailed Guides & Comprehensive Checklists on each topic.

Q&A Session

Ask Experts Questions in a Dedicated Facebook Group.

Stop spending countless hours searching the internet going around and around in circles only to be more confused than when you started!


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Learn How To...

  • Easily identify the wedding YOU want – not the type of wedding someone else tells you is possible.
  • Understand what is important to you – know what to focus on for the biggest impact.
  • Confidently find the right way to plan and the right vendors to bring your wedding vision to life.
  • Understand how to set your wedding budget and spend your money where it matters the most to you.
  • Know how to successfully tie all the pieces together.
  • Have fun and enjoy the whole planning process from start to finish.


Here's What We'll Cover in the 7 Topics....

You can review each topic in your own time and at your own pace.

Day 1 - Vision

  • Why having a vision important
  • How to uncover what is really important to you as a couple
  • How to use your vision to start planning and creating a successful wedding abroad

Day 2 - Destination

  • How to get clear on the right wedding destination for you
  • How to get clear on a location within your chosen country
  • Important factors to take into consideration when choosing a destination

Day 3 - Budget

  • How to set your budget
  • What items you need to budget for
  • Examples of real wedding costs & comparison spreadsheet

Day 4 - Timings

  • How long you will need to plan a wedding abroad
  • How many hours go into planning a wedding abroad
  • Timeline of events – what you will need to do when

Day 5 - How to Plan

  • Understand the different ways can plan a wedding abroad
  • Decide what type of planning would be best for you
  • Advice on selecting the right wedding suppliers who will be able to bring your vision to life

Day 6 - Common Mistakes

  • Common mistakes couples make when planning a wedding abroad and how to avoid them
  • Key differences between planning at home and abroad

Day 7 - Legal Requirements

  • Overview of the legal requirements for getting married abroad.
  • Different options available

Q&A - Next Steps

  • Dedicated FB Group to ask questions
  • Advice on how to move forward to plan your dream Wedding Abroad.

Wow! That's a lot of Stuff for just... £37?  For real?!


Yes!  The Wedding Planning Party is worth a lot more than what I’m charging.

BUT I want to give you a chance to start Planning RIGHT NOW! And I want to ensure that in the current climate you get you the best value for your wedding budget.  Having the right information upfront should enable you to do this.

The wedding industry has been greatly impacted by COVID and we want to ensure that couples can still fulfil their dream of getting married abroad and wedding professionals can continue to plan beautiful weddings!

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Who is the Wedding Abroad Planning Party For?

The Newbie!

You love the idea of having a destination wedding but you’re feeling confused about where to start. You don’t know what to do first? You may have a destination in mind but you’re equally open to different options. You’re not sure if it’s best to plan your wedding abroad yourself or use the help of a wedding planner or travel company. You’re not sure how much it will cost or who to turn to for reliable help and advice.

Little Clued Up! 

You’re set on having your wedding abroad and you’ve started researching your options. You may have a destination in mind but not necessarily a location. You’re toying with which planning method would be the best fit for you and also which one would be the most cost effective.  You’re worried about finding trustworthy suppliers and not having local knowledge of your destination.  You don’t want to make costly mistakes and would appreciate the hints, tips & advice from other couples and experts.

I'm All Sorted!

If you've confirmed your wedding date and booked all your suppliers then you’re too advanced for our party. Sorry!  We hope you have an incredible wedding abroad and come back to tell us all about it.


So What's in it For You?

I created the Wedding Abroad Planning Party as I see so many couples begin their wedding abroad journey feeling completely overwhelmed and confused.  And after doing a little research on their own, I also see couples feel disheartened believing their dream wedding abroad may be out of their reach.

I wanted to give couples a way to easily access the most important information from the most reliable sources – the experts who live, breathe and plan destination weddings!

In the Wedding Planning Party we can’t plan your wedding for you but we will provide you with the tools and steps to confidently start planning the right way, so you can stop second guessing yourself and have more fun planning.  The planning phase lasts a lot longer than your wedding itself, so it’s important you enjoy it!

Start Planning Now!

Meet the Experts


Hi, I’m Natalie Wingrove, founder of the website Weddings Abroad Guide. Launched in 2005, Weddings Abroad Guide was the first British Wedding Planning Portal solely dedicated to getting married abroad.

Based on the simple philosophy of providing trusted independent information and advice, Weddings Abroad Guide quickly established itself as one of the UK’s Top Resources for destination wedding planning.

For the past 16 years, Weddings Abroad Guide has been helping couples from all over the globe confidently plan their wedding abroad and connecting them with the perfect suppliers to bring their dream wedding to life.

After years of running Weddings Abroad Guide, and seeing so many couples begin their wedding abroad planning feeling completely overwhelmed and confused, I realised that couples want more hands on help and guidance.

So we’ve put together this new experience to help couples begin their planning the SMART way.


Holly Episkopou Wonderlust Events

Holly Episkopou | Wonderlust Events

Wonderlust Events offer Destination Wedding Planning across Europe & Worldwide. They stick by the philosophy of ‘The most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people and places, memories and pictures. They’re feelings and moments, smiles and laughter.’

Nadia Wood | Amulet Weddings & Events

Amulet Weddings & Events are experts in organising enchanting elopements and destination weddings worldwide. They plan magical, intimate occasions for wanderlust couples with a love of nature’s romance and mystery.

Kate Kennedy | The Destination Wedding Co

The Destination Wedding Co is based in the UK and plans beautiful, inspired celebrations for couples across the UK and Europe. Kate is a planner and a problem solver who wears her heart on her sleeve and combines knowledge, experience, creativity and passion to create unique weddings abroad.

Elizabeth Armitage Photography

Elizabeth Armitage |  Photography

Elizabeth Armitage is a British Wedding Photographer based in Tuscany. She creates heartfelt images that tell the story of a wedding day and has a relaxed and natural approach to wedding photography with a flare of romanticism and elegance. Her photography is joyful, genuine, and full of love.

Ines Nanic Dubrovnik Event

Ines Nanic | Dubrovnik Event

Ines Nanić, founder of Dubrovnik Event is a Croatian Wedding Planner and has organised over 220 weddings on the Dubrovnik Riviera. Wedding planning for Ines is a passion and joy and she has gathered enviable experience and contacts to help couples from all over the world create their very own special day.

Claire Salisbury Lefkas Weddings

Claire Salisbury | Lefkas Weddings

Lefkas Weddings creates luxury weddings, elopements and celebrations in the Ionian Islands and Epirus Riviera of Greece. Inspired by the gorgeous and dramatic island landscapes, Claire’s passion for style and glamorous details ensures that each celebration she plans is a distinctly beautiful reflection of each couple and their love.

Britt-Marie Monks | The Honeymoon Fixer

The Honeymoon Fixer plan destination weddings in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Far East and USA. They specialise in small, boutique weddings and take care of everything, always working within a set budget aiming to make the whole process as smooth as possible. 

Leanne Hindle Marry Abroad Simply

Leanne Hindle | Marry Abroad Simply

Marry Abroad Simply are wedding planners who help couples get married in Denmark, Gibraltar and Sweden! They have helped over 3500 international, same sex, foreign couples with all types of situations from easy to complex, and from superfast small elopements to larger ceremonies. 

Real Wedding Abroad Couple

Real Couple | Wedding Experience

One of the best ways to gain valuable information and advice about having your wedding abroad is to learn from other couples who have been married abroad. A bride shares her experience of planning a destination wedding.

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